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Dec. 5th, 2013 12:45 am
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Well, this site was recommended to me by a friend and I thought I may just give this website a try. I am not a creative writer nor do I usually have much of anything too interesting to say but maybe this will be a good place to unleash some of my thoughts and maybe even give me a space to vent. I'm not social so I don't ever ge the chance to get these things out of my head much! Right now I am just lurking the web and playing a little bit of World of Warcraft. I kinda suck at this game seeing as my attention is close to non existant. xD So hard for me to sit down and focus for extended periods of time, I don't know how so many people get so addicted that it is all they do. I should actually be trying to force myself to sleep. I've been trying to get a job with Vistakon and they've finally called me back for my second interview - so excited!! I will only go in to my current job from 1:30 until 4...it will be a fairly short day for me. I'm thinking about drinking a super huge ice coffee to make sure my day goes by super fast. Wish me luck!
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