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 That blurry, foggy, autopilot mode is back. I keep finding myself in these really insane mood swings. From neutral/sad to absolutely angry in a matter of seconds. Even more claustrophobic in the presence of others than usual too. No vitamins are doing the trick. I figured maybe I'm lacking something. Asking for help or confiding in others hasn't done a bit of good. I've been so wound tight these past few days that I've made quite a bit of enemies too (pretty impressive for someone who doesn't have much to do with other sacks of flesh to begin with.) I've left my house over my days off a total of once and that was today during a storm for a burger. Not sure what's happening. I often find myself contemplating on it but I go from caring to not caring as quickly as I go from calm to pissed. On and off, on and off, on and off, on and off. Part of me says get help, another part says it would be pointless. I'll still be the same worthless temporary wave of energy navigating this body through the exact motions. I'm lost.


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